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At Simple Hospitality, we specialize in the simplicity of back to basics hospitality by designing welcoming greeting cards specifically for the hotel industry. As a former Hotel Director of Sales, I understand that the hotel and lodging industry is a highly competitive environment with each hotel offering their travelers rewards, services and amenities designed to outshine their brand competitors and neighboring independent properties.

Super high speed wifi, an elaborate buffet breakfast and keyless entry are all fantastic amenities and features, but do they make your guest's feel special? what about hospitality? Has it all gone by the wayside? Are all of the freebies and upgrades intended to replace the gracious service visitors expect? The overall guest experience is a necessity in order to create positive online reviews which in turn creates loyalty, a necessity for hotels to operate and grow. 

68% of guests fail to return to a hotel if they feel unappreciated – eMarketing Associates survey

Many hotels struggle to find affective hospitality solutions that will elevate or enhance their quality of service. The intentions of establishing Simple-Hospitality.com is to offer hoteliers simple tools that will positively impact their guest’s impression and stay as well as their client’s day. Nurturing relationships with your guest’s and clients is a crucial part of growing a successful business.

By offering guest’s and clients a simple and personal gesture such as a hospitable greeting card will make them feel welcome and will convey how your visitors are appreciated. Exceed your guest’s expectations and keep them returning to your hotel with hospitality made simple.  

Simple Hospitality

About Us